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Purple/Pink  Float Shawl Kit

Purple/Pink Float Shawl Kit

These Float yarn kits consist of our Elation yarn base in our Reaction yarn line.  The yarn was designed specifically for the Float Shawl Pattern. Each kit contains all the yarn (fingering weight)for the shawl as well as the printed pattern. When purchasing, please send along your Ravelry user name or your email address so that we can make sure you have a hard copy of the pattern, in case it gets lost, as well as to make sure the designer of the pattern gets her fee as well.


This is a unique pattern design that is easy enough for all levels of knitting. You are working in stockinette stitch until you get to the color band in which you do the specific bobble/flower stitch that creates the flower on your fabric. A fun project that will have your friends talking. 


The pattern designer named it the Float as it reminded her of flowers floating on top of the water and we can see the inspiration!


These kits would make an excellent gift for the knitter in your life as well!



*completed project pictures above are for the reference of the pattern and not this colorway. This colorway will have purple as the main color and pink for the flowers.



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